Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moutain climbing puritans

Someone else has died on Everest while climbing without additional oxygen.

"Frank was a purist at heart," Pizarro said. "He was adamant that it was him and the mountain."

What I don't understand is how climbing without oxygen is "pure". There are almost an infinite number of combinations of leaving out necessary equipment in the name of "purity".

What about climbing without those fancy Gore-Tex jackets? Ice axes? Boots?

Even Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Everest, used oxygen.

There's "pure" and then there's "stupid".

Monday, May 18, 2009

An undeserved sense of importance

What can Canada do on the world stage? Can Canada actually change policy in a foreign country?

The recent protests/traffic blocking/criminal acts by Tamil protesters have brought all the nutcases out of the wood work. All of them are missing the proverbial elephant in the room - what can Canada actually do in Sri Lanka?

CBC Radio recently had a point-counter point format, first interviewing local blow-hard Lowell Green and then a leftist who's name escapes me at the moment. Both of them focused on entirely the wrong point about the recent protests. Mr. Green ranted at length about why the Tamils were seemingly afforded special privilege to break the law at will with no consequences. That in itself is a very valid point. In his traditional over the top style, Mr. Green went on to describe the inclusion of the women and children in the protest as tantamount to terrorism itself and the prospect of "human shields" was very definitely implied.

The leftist responded and characterized the protests as essentially a large street party, a "family affair", that just happened to take place on a major highway instead of a suburban cul-de-sac. She went on to say that any action is permitted should the cause be deemed desperate enough. The host unfortunately did not press her on who decides what causes are desperate and if all actions, including violence, are really permitted.

The program was a debate on the rule of law disguised as commentary on world events and in the end it accomplished neither a satisfying conclusion on law breaking or a path forward for dealing with events in Sri Lanka.

The majority of protests in Western countries seem to be solely about "raising awareness" in hopes that someone else, now sufficiently "aware", will do something. What protesters generally over estimate in most situations is the ability of Canada, as a country, to effect change in other sovereign nations. They seem to think that a mere stern look or strongly worded statement from the Prime Minister of the day will be enough for governments and terrorists alike to suddenly pause and rethink their entire belief system before eventually deciding that all the "fussin' and feudin'" was actually quite silly. These are probably the same people that think the UN is an effective organization.

With regards to the situation in Sri Lanka, the UN has issued many statements condemning all sides with little effect. Both sides, if they have acknowledged the statements at all, have responded with essentially "that's very nice, now if you'll excuse me I have a war to win". I really, really don't see how a statement from the Prime Minister of Canada can possibly change anything.

The problem is that Canada is completely unable to project power beyond on our own borders. We can't deploy our military without the help of allies and we can't sustain extensive field operations for long periods of time. The reasons for this are two fold. The first is the lack of equipment. Heavy air transport, sea transport and the means to protect them are simply not available. The first two could be aquired in short order in the event of an emergency but sending airliners full of troops half way around the world with no fighter escort could be suicide.

The second reason is political will. There is simply no will in Canada for armed intervention. Afghanistan seems to be barely tolerated and that is only because it is keeping us out of the more "hated" Iraq operation and that the causes of 9/11 can be directly traced to that country.

I'm sure the Tamil protesters would love to see the Canadian military roll up to the government buildings in Colombo and demand that the war stop. However such action, if it were even possible, would be roundly criticized as "too American" and how dare Canada act in such a unilateral fashion.

The reason giving for the escalating Tamil protests is that previous protests failed to change the situation in Sri Lanka.

Now the question must be posed to the protesters - exactly what do they expect Canada to do, and how do they think that action will change events on the ground half a world away?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My life is now complete

Bacon and chocolate - together!

I bet the name "Mo's Bacon Bar" is absolutely not a poke at someone...

How to handle pirates

Fight back and kill 'em all.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everyone's wants and needs are equally valid, regardless of age

Will the stupidity never end?

There has to be a bookie somewhere that will take odds on whether these kids will ever be able to hold down a job since in most job you have to do as your told even if you don't like it.

I must shake my head

In England (where else?), the police prevent a rescue and then don't bother to do anything themselves. All in the name of "Health and Safety".

Davey Davis, 38, a friend of the family, said: “It was the most harrowing thing I have ever witnessed. Michelle was at the bedroom window yelling, ‘Please save my kids’ and we wanted to help but the police were pushing us back and not allowing us near. We were willing to risk our lives to save those kiddies but the police wouldn’t let us.

“Tempers were running very high, particularly with the women who were there, but the police were just saying we have to wait for the fire brigade because of health and safety.

A woman is leaning out a window screaming and the police won't even let bystanders put up a ladder?

h/t to Ranting Stan, your source for all stupidity about the UK

Extreme justice...

This girl can certainly be accused of bad judgment, but child pornography? Registering as a sex offender? It all seems a little extreme.

If a minor gets caught masturbating will they get charged with child molestation - of themselves?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The luckiest man in the world?

The Japanese government has discovered a man who survived both atomic blasts in WW2.

He's both the luckiest and unluckiest man at the same time. I wonder if he accomplished everything he had planned to on his business trip.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Well at least we know what they stand for

"The right-wing has had a real ability to promote particular values such as self-reliance and competition," said McGrath. "We need to be more obvious about what (our) values are," she said.

So the NDP's values are utter dependence and no competition?

That sounds correct - as major supporters of the Nanny State it would follow that the NDP needs as many people as possible to be completely dependent on the government.

They will not protect you

This is becoming all too familiar.

A bully continuously assaults and threatens a boy and his family and gets no punishment. Meanwhile the victim sees that the school system, the police and the judicial system have no interest in protecting him. The only thing left do to is to defend himself and for his trouble he ends up with a punishment far harsher than anything the bully ever received.

The bully? On his second day of college he got charged with robbery and sexual assault.

But remember the victim is actually the criminal.


You are unqualified to submit a complaint

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has decided that only the members of the offended group may submit complaints.

Our complaint against Mr. Ryan was returned to us on March 17th, stating that our complaint had no merit since we complainants were Christians and not Jews, and therefore not from the targeted group of hate.
Hmmm...interesting. So according the Ontario Tribunal, hate crimes do not occur as long as you can successfully intimidate your victims into not making complaints.

I don't understand how this works

In order to evaluate how Toronto's homeless services are serving their clients, the city is putting hundreds of fake homeless people onto the streets in order to answer a survey about those services?

Services that these decoys never use. Wow...what a flagrant and obvious way to skew the results.

I boldly predict that the outcome of the survey will indicate the need for more money, more money and...more money!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Now I ain't saying she's a gold digger...

Ladies, is the recession putting a pinch on your income? Time to get a husband to fill out your income!

“The recession made me realize I’m not going to make as much money as I expected, and I’d be more stable financially if I had double income to fall back on.”

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The oppressive hot dog

The hot dog...symbol of Western imperialism!

"I have a problem with hot dogs from a health point of view and from a diversity point of view," declared John Filion, who chairs the board of health.

Any normal city would simply issue a set number of permits and require periodic food safety inspections. The market would then decide if people really want street side shawarmas, tacos, chicken balls or whatever.

Ahh...but not Toronto. In order to sell non-hot dog food you must purchase a $28,000 cart, the owner must be on site 70% of the time, the menu must be pre-approved by a panel of four chefs and any changes in the menu after that must be approved by the medical officer of health.

Unfortunately only 8 people decided that this process was worth it.

So instead of having a flafel stand on every corner, these carts become indistinguishable from restaurants. There is now no difference between the single souvlaki cart and your favorite chinese place on Spadina.

Thank you Toronto from saving me from making my own decisions and judgements about the quality of street food. I don't know what I would do otherwise...

The Human Rights Machine

Can't get what you want? Use the Human Rights Machine to do it for you!

This could be dismissed as a unique situation if it weren't for the fact that Ms. Eagle threatened the next owner of the buildings with exactly the same thing.


One of the proud supporters of Section 13.1 gets put through the Human Rights wringer for 5 years and then has the charges dismissed without so much as an explanation.

Let's take a look at this case...

The original complaint was filed by someone not at the event and the actual offended attendees remain anonymous.

The accused hasn't been told exactly what they had done wrong.

One of the few direct quotations in the investigation report, the word "ragheads," was found to have been used as part of a warning not to dismiss Islamist terrorism with empty epithets.
There is also mysterious secret report by an unnamed expert that hasn't, and likely never will be, released.

The sheer duration of the Manitoba investigation, under threat of legal sanction or fines, illustrates the current frustration with human rights commissions, and the parallel legal system that enables them.


But a failed five-year investigation of a respected human rights advocacy group based on an anonymous tipster raises questions about the seriousness of the whole process.

"Our general view is that the procedures are defective," Mr. Matas said. "They'll take an allegation, without evidence, and just run with it to see if it's true."

In it, Mr. Matas wrote that human rights commissions have shown "a disastrous combination of investigative zeal and substantive ignorance" that has left them vulnerable to abuse by "political Islam."

It's also vulnerable to anyone else with an agenda.

One TRILLION dollars!

How much is one trillion dollars? This much.

The fact that the United States is borrowing that much money should be quite frightning.

Perhaps all is not lost

A British postmaster is refusing to serve those who don't speak English. Neo-nazi white supremacist? Hardly.

‘It’s the best country in the world as far as I’m concerned, but the great country I once called Great Britain has changed a lot since I came here.

‘All I’m doing is telling people if they want to live in Britain, be British. Don’t boo our soldiers when they come home from Iraq. Don’t live your life without embracing our culture. Don’t stay here without making any effort to learn the language. And if you don’t want to be British, go home.’

We're starving!

These people are consuming 3000 calories a day but are demanding more money from the government to feed themselves.

The choice line comes from one of the children:

"I'm a student and don't have time to exercise"
That's a good one. When I was a student I had so much damn time that I was able to get into the best shape of my life...and that was after the 35-40 hours a week of class and lab time and additional hours of weekly studying and homework.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Raising Kids

Keep some of your stuff around for your kids. That's why the complete collection is sitting on my bookshelf.


However, remember that a parent is not a best friend.

Everybody needs a bailout

If we're handing out cash left, right and centre why not give some to this guy?


Once again I'm presented with a story that could evoke feelings of pity for people screwed by the downturn but the journalists use people who really should have known better. Multiple 6-figure salary jobs but you're broke? The down turn isn't the problem, it's the fact that you spent more than you earned. Dumbass.

Terrifying Picture Sequence

A camera caught the very moment a suicide bomber blew himself up. The speed at which it happens is incredible - reference the guy beating the drum in the foreground. His hand basically didn't move throughout the entire sequence.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Discovering the "Progressive" Mindset

Poor guy...he makes two reasonable posts and gets roasted. Check out the comments.

His concerns are completely valid. Radical Islam is the source of terror attacks and attacks against the Western way of life. Should suicide bombings start happening in Canada then his second concern is also valid - the police and the population at large are not going to attempt to sort "good" Muslims from "bad". Canadians of Japanese origin can attest to that.

The comments are particularly typical of the cultural relativist, multi-culti supporters. They honestly can't believe that a threat exists. Also at least one of the commentators is taking the line that "everyone is violent so there's no need to single out any particular group".

Perhaps, but there is one group that actively promotes hate against Jews, calls for the overthrow of Western governments and advocates for the imposition of the most medieval version of Sharia law. We ignore this group at our peril.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Video Tuesday

An explanation of the credit crisis.



An interesting video about the implications of large populations in India and China. Also there is some commentary about the pace of innovation although I'm very skeptical about the claim that 2 years of a 4 year degree are useless.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The "real" victims and self defence

Don't read this unless you have a strong stomach.

Who is the victim here? Common sense would dictate that Audrey Cooper is. However, I contend that the courts will consider the kids who murdered her to be the true victims. Bah. Had this woman had a gun and in the process of defending herself had killed one or more of her attackers then there is no doubt in my mind that she would be behind bars and the teens would be given counseling to overcome the death of their fellow hooligans.

This case highlights a point that many people seem to miss.

The police to not exist to protect you. Period. They simply do not have the resources to offer true protection to every citizen.

The police exist to clean up after a crime and to catch the people responsible. That means you are on your own in terms of defending yourself.

Crime is prevented by the combination of an efficient and effective police force and a judiciary that hands out appropriate sentences. A weakness in either branch will allow crime to flourish. Either criminals are simply not caught or their sentences do not keep them isolated from society for a sufficient period.

Canada has an effective police force but unfortunately a weak judicial branch with a serious case of Monday-morning-quarterbacking when it comes to self defense issues.

Man I feel like a woman

A pre-op transsexual wanted to join a gym in Southern Ontario and use the women's change room. The owner said he would have to consider it thinking that his female patrons may feel uncomfortable having a person with male genitals in the women's change room.

Sorry pal, apparently you should have said "Yes, of course!" right away.

The OHRC seems a little out to lunch on this one:

The code does not distinguish between transsexuals who are at different stages of transition, said Afroze Edwards, a spokeswoman for the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

"I think the important thing to remember there is how they identify themselves; what their sense is, that they are living as a man or living as a woman," Ms. Edwards said. "Regardless of whether they're preop or postop, it's their lived gender that's important." pre-op but living as a woman counts as a woman. That pretty much opens the door for any man to use the female change room if he feels sufficiently female that day. Should that individual be confronted about their constantly changing "gender" then they only need to reply that they are exploring their sexuality and threaten a Human Rights complaint.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bizzaro World

Where the criminals sue the police (or those who just want the law enforced).

The next step is to have someone sue the US for not invading their country.

Low hanging fruit

The UK does it again.

Wilders is low hanging fruit. There is no risk in banning him. There will be no uprising, violent protests or terrorists bombings because of the UK government's actions.

This quote takes the cake:

Mr Wilders, 45, was classed as someone considered likely to incite hatred and his visit a threat to 'community harmony and therefore public security'.

Right. And those other radical yahoos they have let in aren't a threat at all. You know, the ones who DO encourage violence, the ones who DO call for the destruction of the UK.

Way to go guys. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Human Rights Tribunal Forces Restaurant Owner to Break the Law

A couple of years ago a restaurant owner asked a man smoking marijuana at the front door of his place to move on. Unfortunately for the owner, the man filed a human rights complaint and the owner is now forced into a lose-lose situation.

The punishment handed down by the Tribunal:

He was ordered to pay Gibson $2,000 for pain and suffering, train the bar staff
in the human rights code, educate the public about the code, and post signs in
the restaurant and on his website saying he accommodates authorized marijuana

Hold the phone - complying with that order will cause him to lose his liquor license:

“A liquor licence holder may not permit a person to have, use, distribute or
sell controlled substances in his or her establishment,” the act states
emphatically, meaning to serve Gibson would be illegal if he is carrying

So now he has two choices - comply with the Tribunal's decision, lose his liquor license and then very likely go bankrupt OR fight the Tribunal and very likely go bankrupt from lawyers fees.

Truly this is a great country we live in where in order to obey the law you have to break the law.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Reader

The one time I went to traffic court to fight a speeding ticket (I won) another defendant attempted to use the excuse "my car can't do 80km/h in third gear". The judge didn't believe her.

Perhaps she should have taken the steps that this guy did. I would probably have done the same thing.


Chemical warfare is slightly older than expected.


Speaking of unconventional warfare...

Standard infection vector or plague bomb gone wrong?


I mistyped the address of my blog (switched the 's' and 'p' in blogspot) and ended up here. Interesting!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Repeating another's words is enough to get you convicted

If there is really nothing more to this story, then pretty much anyone can get $7000.

"The complainant, Leslie Tataquason, admitted no racial epithets were used during the brief exchange with Northwoods Inn and Suites owner John Pontes more than two years ago."

Ok, so no racial epithets... So what were the hideously offensive comments? Here they are:

"Can't you see she's working? Get out, this isn't the friendship centre!"


""go ahead and call his chief." (in response to the accuser saying that he would call his chief)

Doesn't sound so bad, but look at the effect!

"Tataquason said he was "deeply hurt" by the remarks. It caused him to "trigger" memories of residential schools he has tried to bury since childhood. Tataquason testified that he "spiraled into depression," leaving him unable to work. The remark is also responsible for his return to drug use, his marriage breakup, his homelessness and his committing petty crimes, Tataquason testified."

So if those two comments caused such a dramatic effect, I have to ask how in the world this guy ever got sober in the first place? I'm sure he's heard plenty worse.

Link round up

A UK TV station decided to make a reality show with a group of kids living together with no parents. I think I've read this story before...ah yes...Lord of the Flies.

For some reason, people were surprised that life imitated fiction.


I had always wondered how female suicide bombers were convinced to push the button. It turns out that they are raped and then convinced that blowing themselves up is the only way to erase the sin of being raped.


This is what happens when you combine a visit to the dentist with a video camera.


Reduce, reuse, recycle. Sounds good to me.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

If it hits the fan

What would you do if your country suddenly collapsed?

Here's a fascinating first hand account of what occurred and is still occurring in Argentina. The author's main blog is here.

In terms of crime, once people figured out that the police weren't going to arrest anyone, all hell broke loose. Basically the country has turned into the Wild West to an extent. Some towns are even building moats.

One of the more concerning aspects was that nobody really acknowledged that malnutrition was a problem until teachers began noticing that their students were slowing getting dumber.

The short checklist:

1. Get guns, a silencer and body armour, you are dead without them.
2. Get a small 4x4 and don't stop for anything. If someone stands in front of your car run them down.
3. Move to a small town or suburbia. The inner city is far too dangerous because there are too many people. Living in a bunker in the middle of nowhere is equally dangerous because you are all alone and you can be subject to prolonged attack because there will be nobody to come help you.

Cease fire means actually ceasing fire

Rockets continue to fire out of Gaza.

Hey Hamas - if it isn't you then perhaps you should stop whoever it is because, you know, you claim to be in charge. If not, expect another "disproportionate response".

What if...

Here's a question to ponder...

What if unemployment insurance, CPP (or Social Security) and the rest of the social safety hammock simply did not exist? For the purposes of this question, please assume that Canada's health care system remains as is.

How would YOU run your life differently than today? Would you save more money? Be extremely wary about taking on debt? Contribute more to charity?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Banning "O Canada" Update

Rex Murphy has voiced his opinion over this spectacle and the comments on his article are enlightening to say the least.

The following comments indicate, to me, the desire to have no national identity in Canada. Unfortunately what these poor folks will realise too late (if ever) is that if Canada does keep our current traditions and values then they WILL be replaced by either those of a powerful neighbour (the US - oh noes!!!) or immigrant groups with more vigorous and robust traditions.
Robert Haraldson from Toronto, Canada writes: Rex: 'Our own beloved land' includes all of us, not merely those who were born in Canada. Cramming 'native land' down the throats of the millions of us who moved to Canada and acquired citizenship isn't insensitivity, it is BIGOTRY.
Auroran Bear from Montreal, Canada writes: Singing the anthem daily doesn't make you Canadian but it does encourage groupthink and tends to make people fall in line.
Green Gene from St. John's, Canada writes: Earl Anthony from Sudbury, Canada writes: I am reminded of a quote by Alexander Hamilton: 'Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.'

Earl: I stand for freedom of thought, untainted by nostalgia of others. Hefting nationalistic/patriotic training on young developing minds leaves us at risk of raising generations of young people who unquestioningly follow their leaders. Why do you think so many posters take great offense at justified criticisms of our country's history (eg. residential schools, interment of minorities, religious prejudice)? It's because these are indoctrinated individuals who don't see that Canada needs to be honest with itself about its good AND bad points. Let's give kids a fair, objective history of their country and include them. Let's not just give them pompous odes that are more fitting to the 19th century than this one, let's show them that this country can work and grow with them.

Ruth Walker from Edmonton, Canada writes: Rex Murphy has officially lost his mind.

On the basis of religious references alone, I would be loath to push O Canada down anyone's throat. The lyrics are otherwise pretty vapid.

In any case, part of the Canadian identity is that we are quietly patriotic. Public displays of patriotism are unCanadian by that convention, and most of us perceive such displays as somewhat phoney. The one exception that comes to mind is hockey games.

Love Canada, but skip the musically and lyrically questionable anthem.

This comment sums up my feelings nicely:

Bill Hopkins from London, Canada writes: I'm an immigrant to this country and, I must admit, one of the first things to strike me 40 years ago was a noticible tendency for Canadian self-flagellation. It struck me as odd that a country that had accomplished so much and yet had so much potential would waste so much time and energy denigrating itself. And it hasn't changed a lot in that regard. Still I've known many Candians who immensely proud of their country -- I guess they just don't populate these forums. None-the-less, I am very proud of my adopted country. It doesn't bother me that it is not my 'native' land. Nor does the reference to 'sons' bother me, because I understand it to have a much broader and more inclusive (dare I use that word?) meaning. And, although I not a devout Christian, I don't find the reference to God so appalling. The reason is, I guess, because I can accept that these words have their origins in the founding of the country. I am prepared to accept that in any society there are principles, such as rule by judeo-christian ethics, that are part of our history and culture and that provide the framework that makes our society work. There is a strength that comes from our past, a strength that provides the society with a cohesiveness and longevity that outlasts the time any one individual spends here. I still think Murphy's question of 'Why is being offended by O Canada more worthy, as a sentiment, than taking joy or pride in O Canada?' is the question that begs to be answered. We have now, it seems, become a nation ruled by the tyranny of the minority. It is not that the minority should be bent to the wishes of the majority. But neither should the tradition and culture of a majority be subjugated to the perceived offense of a few. We all have equal rights. It just seems that the rights of a few are now more equal than the rights of many.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A line in the sand

This makes my blood boil.

So it has finally come to this. Political correctness now prohibits the signing of our national anthem. The tyranny of the minority continues. On the complaints by a very small number of people, the bureaucracy decides to punish the majority.

"Whether it's for religious or family value reasons, this is a public education
system, it's secular and we're serving the public," he said. "Is it right or is
it fair for children who are not allowed to sing the anthem to be forced to?

I would like to see the actual objections that he has received from parents about the anthem. He's tried to gloss it over by implying that hearing the national anthem too much somehow dimishes it's importance and effect. What a crock.

If merely hearing our national anthem offends you, then perhaps you should consider moving to a country who's anthem does not trouble you as much (even if you were born here).

I'm curious how the administration would react if some students decided to sing the anthem every day outside at recess. Detentions and suspensions all around?

There are lines that shouldn't be crossed. These chuckleheads have crossed one of them.


Friday round-up

People who commit crimes sometimes learn their lesson the first time and never do it again. Some do not, such as this guy who is now on his 190th arrest. At some point the system has to figure out that slaps on the wrist aren't doing the job and maybe, just maybe some serious prison time is in order.

Fortunately for the public, his latest crime will likely result in a lengthy sentence.


Having 300 pet rats is probably not a good thing to have when a newborn infant arrives in your house. Toby Duffany thought so too but his disposal method left a little to be desired in the eyes of the local SPCA.

Hint: If you're going to get rid of rats - just let them go! Don't throw out a bunch of perfectly good aquariums and cages too.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Escape clause

Apparently, according to (Iranian) Islamic law, if you escape while you're being stoned then you're free to go with no further punishment.

Of course the potential ease of your escape depends heavily on your gender - men are buried up to their waists while women are buried up to their necks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nazis for Hamas

People seem to be surprised that the Aryan Guard joined the anti-Israel/pro-Hamas demonstration in Calgary.

I can't see why they are surprised. White supremecists/Nazis have the exact same agenda as Hamas - the elimination of Israel. Don't believe me? Check out the Hamas Charter.

In my opinion, the public demonstrations of mutual support between the Nazis and Hamas/Hezbolla need to increase. If Canadians know anything, they know that Nazis = bad. Maybe by having the Nazis loudly proclaiming their support for the goals of Hamas will cause Candians in general to wake up to the fact the Hamas is not a benign entity.

Link Explosion

This is down right creepy.


Everyone wants a bailout.


The current status of Detroit. It's not looking very good.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Proportional Response

Much ink, bits and voices have been wasted calling for a "proportional response" to Hamas from Israel. Of course, like all good complainers, nobody actually bothers to define what a proportional response is or what it should look like.

The Dark City now presents two fictional phone calls to the Proportional Response Police Department.

Call #1:

PRPD: Proportional Response Police Department, what is your emergency?

Woman: My crazy ex-husband is hammering on my door threatening to kill me and my infant!!!! Help!!!

PRPD: Is he armed m'am?

Woman: I don't think so...please hurry!!!

PRPD: We will dispatch a single unarmed officer to deal with this.

Woman: What??? Can't you send a whole pile of guys with tasers and guns?

PRPD: I'm sorry we can't do that...that would be a disproportionate response.

Call #2

PRPD: Proportional Response Police Department, what is your emergency?

Man: We need the SWAT team down at the university. Some crazy guy has a gun and is shooting everyone he can see!

PRPD: There's just one man? What kind of gun does he have?

Man: Yes, just one guy...he has a pistol. Holy shit he just shot someone else!

PRPD: Be on the look out for one officer with a pistol. He should be there shortly to deal with the situation.

Man: No! YOu need more than that to take this guy down!

PRPD: I'm sorry, we can't send any more officers or arm them better, that would be a disproportionate response.

I bet that sounds pretty ridiculous right?

With that in mind, I ask what is a correct, proportional response to a group of people who fire rockets and mortars from civilian areas that directly target your civilians?