Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Human Rights Tribunal Forces Restaurant Owner to Break the Law

A couple of years ago a restaurant owner asked a man smoking marijuana at the front door of his place to move on. Unfortunately for the owner, the man filed a human rights complaint and the owner is now forced into a lose-lose situation.

The punishment handed down by the Tribunal:

He was ordered to pay Gibson $2,000 for pain and suffering, train the bar staff
in the human rights code, educate the public about the code, and post signs in
the restaurant and on his website saying he accommodates authorized marijuana

Hold the phone - complying with that order will cause him to lose his liquor license:

“A liquor licence holder may not permit a person to have, use, distribute or
sell controlled substances in his or her establishment,” the act states
emphatically, meaning to serve Gibson would be illegal if he is carrying

So now he has two choices - comply with the Tribunal's decision, lose his liquor license and then very likely go bankrupt OR fight the Tribunal and very likely go bankrupt from lawyers fees.

Truly this is a great country we live in where in order to obey the law you have to break the law.

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