Saturday, February 28, 2009

The "real" victims and self defence

Don't read this unless you have a strong stomach.

Who is the victim here? Common sense would dictate that Audrey Cooper is. However, I contend that the courts will consider the kids who murdered her to be the true victims. Bah. Had this woman had a gun and in the process of defending herself had killed one or more of her attackers then there is no doubt in my mind that she would be behind bars and the teens would be given counseling to overcome the death of their fellow hooligans.

This case highlights a point that many people seem to miss.

The police to not exist to protect you. Period. They simply do not have the resources to offer true protection to every citizen.

The police exist to clean up after a crime and to catch the people responsible. That means you are on your own in terms of defending yourself.

Crime is prevented by the combination of an efficient and effective police force and a judiciary that hands out appropriate sentences. A weakness in either branch will allow crime to flourish. Either criminals are simply not caught or their sentences do not keep them isolated from society for a sufficient period.

Canada has an effective police force but unfortunately a weak judicial branch with a serious case of Monday-morning-quarterbacking when it comes to self defense issues.

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