Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Link round up

A UK TV station decided to make a reality show with a group of kids living together with no parents. I think I've read this story before...ah yes...Lord of the Flies.

For some reason, people were surprised that life imitated fiction.


I had always wondered how female suicide bombers were convinced to push the button. It turns out that they are raped and then convinced that blowing themselves up is the only way to erase the sin of being raped.


This is what happens when you combine a visit to the dentist with a video camera.


Reduce, reuse, recycle. Sounds good to me.


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Just Me said...

Thank goodness you ended the link with a good news story. After reading about the horrible reality show and watching that ridiculous video of the stoned 7 y/o (why does the father think it is funny........I felt really bad for the kid.... he was scared), and the revolting story about how to recruit female suicide bombers, at least we had a couple of Canadians cleaning up the highways.

Thanks for doing this. You always find the most facinating stories.