Sunday, February 1, 2009

If it hits the fan

What would you do if your country suddenly collapsed?

Here's a fascinating first hand account of what occurred and is still occurring in Argentina. The author's main blog is here.

In terms of crime, once people figured out that the police weren't going to arrest anyone, all hell broke loose. Basically the country has turned into the Wild West to an extent. Some towns are even building moats.

One of the more concerning aspects was that nobody really acknowledged that malnutrition was a problem until teachers began noticing that their students were slowing getting dumber.

The short checklist:

1. Get guns, a silencer and body armour, you are dead without them.
2. Get a small 4x4 and don't stop for anything. If someone stands in front of your car run them down.
3. Move to a small town or suburbia. The inner city is far too dangerous because there are too many people. Living in a bunker in the middle of nowhere is equally dangerous because you are all alone and you can be subject to prolonged attack because there will be nobody to come help you.

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