Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Repeating another's words is enough to get you convicted

If there is really nothing more to this story, then pretty much anyone can get $7000.

"The complainant, Leslie Tataquason, admitted no racial epithets were used during the brief exchange with Northwoods Inn and Suites owner John Pontes more than two years ago."

Ok, so no racial epithets... So what were the hideously offensive comments? Here they are:

"Can't you see she's working? Get out, this isn't the friendship centre!"


""go ahead and call his chief." (in response to the accuser saying that he would call his chief)

Doesn't sound so bad, but look at the effect!

"Tataquason said he was "deeply hurt" by the remarks. It caused him to "trigger" memories of residential schools he has tried to bury since childhood. Tataquason testified that he "spiraled into depression," leaving him unable to work. The remark is also responsible for his return to drug use, his marriage breakup, his homelessness and his committing petty crimes, Tataquason testified."

So if those two comments caused such a dramatic effect, I have to ask how in the world this guy ever got sober in the first place? I'm sure he's heard plenty worse.

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