Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Discovering the "Progressive" Mindset

Poor guy...he makes two reasonable posts and gets roasted. Check out the comments.

His concerns are completely valid. Radical Islam is the source of terror attacks and attacks against the Western way of life. Should suicide bombings start happening in Canada then his second concern is also valid - the police and the population at large are not going to attempt to sort "good" Muslims from "bad". Canadians of Japanese origin can attest to that.

The comments are particularly typical of the cultural relativist, multi-culti supporters. They honestly can't believe that a threat exists. Also at least one of the commentators is taking the line that "everyone is violent so there's no need to single out any particular group".

Perhaps, but there is one group that actively promotes hate against Jews, calls for the overthrow of Western governments and advocates for the imposition of the most medieval version of Sharia law. We ignore this group at our peril.

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