Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Human Rights Machine

Can't get what you want? Use the Human Rights Machine to do it for you!

This could be dismissed as a unique situation if it weren't for the fact that Ms. Eagle threatened the next owner of the buildings with exactly the same thing.


One of the proud supporters of Section 13.1 gets put through the Human Rights wringer for 5 years and then has the charges dismissed without so much as an explanation.

Let's take a look at this case...

The original complaint was filed by someone not at the event and the actual offended attendees remain anonymous.

The accused hasn't been told exactly what they had done wrong.

One of the few direct quotations in the investigation report, the word "ragheads," was found to have been used as part of a warning not to dismiss Islamist terrorism with empty epithets.
There is also mysterious secret report by an unnamed expert that hasn't, and likely never will be, released.

The sheer duration of the Manitoba investigation, under threat of legal sanction or fines, illustrates the current frustration with human rights commissions, and the parallel legal system that enables them.


But a failed five-year investigation of a respected human rights advocacy group based on an anonymous tipster raises questions about the seriousness of the whole process.

"Our general view is that the procedures are defective," Mr. Matas said. "They'll take an allegation, without evidence, and just run with it to see if it's true."

In it, Mr. Matas wrote that human rights commissions have shown "a disastrous combination of investigative zeal and substantive ignorance" that has left them vulnerable to abuse by "political Islam."

It's also vulnerable to anyone else with an agenda.

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