Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Political Correctness Kills

Carelton University has decided to stop supporting the Cystic Fibrosis. Why? Because it mainly affects WHITE MEN.

This is EXACTLY the same as saying:

"We don't want to support Ebola Research because it primarily affects people in Africa"
"We don't want to support Breast Cancer reasearch because it primarily affects women"
"We don't want to support Tay Sachs research because it primarily affects Jews"

Do these people see the overt racism contained in their resolution?

Something tells me that the white members of CUSA wake up every morning disappointed they didn't turn into a minority (any minority) during the night.

CTV is carrying the story now.

See how they try to weasel out of the controversy:

She said that the part of the motion that refers to why Shinerama has been
cancelled is irrelevant, not part of the official meeting record and simply
reflects the rationale of the councillor who raised the motion.
"It completely depends on the individual," Smyth told CTV.ca. "It's 100 per cent
their opinion. Their opinion doesn't have to be fact or anything really. It's
just how this individual felt.
Only the resolution is important, Smyth said, even though it appears councillors are endorsing the idea that support of cystic fibrosis be stopped because it is a white-man's disease.

"Speaking from the council perspective, the whereas motions weren't actually overly relevant when people were making a decision on what they wanted to do," Smyth said.

She also pointed out that the whereas clauses cannot be amended, and said if a
resolution to drop Shinerama had been rejected, the issue could not have been
raised again.

So it only matters that they cancelled the support, not why they did and besides, that's only one person's opinion.

Sorry - you supported the resolution as proposed. You can't go back on it now.


Just Me said...

I have to agree that behind this decision appears to be, indeed, racist/sexist beliefs.

Whether the school wants to give other charities a chance this year, or wants to share the wealth generally, it should have been for reasons of the value of the other charities and in the interest of fairness. To use the fact that cystic fibrosis mainly affects white males, is simply appalling, and, dare I say, immature on their part.

Within an institution of critical thinking, I would have thought that a better reasoned approach would have been used.

Dark City said...

Had CUSA merely passed a motion saying something to the effect of "we think it's time to support another charity", then the event likely would not have even generated a single headline.

Fortunately, the council chose to broadcast their personal beliefs as part of the decision. Now they can be ridiculed and mocked for this misguided fools that they are.